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Gardall Safes

MS911-G-CK Microwave Safe

MS911-G-CK Microwave Safe

Catalog Number: MP64
Horizontal 1 Hour Fire Safe with Combination Lock.

These safes are made to Gardall's exact specifications and brought to you with the same care and quality you have come to expect from Gardall. Microwave style safes come with either mechanical or electronic style locks. All fire safes have plated interlocking bolts that extend into the safe walls to prevent tampering and removal of doors. The doors are precision built of extra heavy steel, full swinging on heavy duty hinges with interlocking, tongue and groove closure on all sides of the door frame. All safes come with a center bolt down hole and hardware to anchor the safe down.

Standard Features

* Programmable electronic lock with over-ride
* One-hour fire safe label
* Individual packaging for UPS type shipping
* Two compact sizes
* Powder coated paint for increased durability
* Center bolt down ( hardware included )
* Pull-out shelf for storage
* Dual security key and combination (mechanical only)
* Gardall warranty for all products

Outside Dimensions (H W D): 11.5" x 15.25" x 12.5"
Inside Dimensions (H W D): 8.5" x 12" x 8.5"
Weight: 61 lbs.
Price:  $497.06