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Burglary Safes

HD-120 Large Fire-Resistant Burglary Safe

HD-120 Large Fire-Resistant Burglary Safe

Catalog Number: MP174
The HD-120 is the middle-of-the-pack in Protex's line of large, fire-resistant burglary safes, and is intended for residential, home office, or business use. At almost 350 pounds, the HD-120 model will make any burglar pause (even if the safe isn't anchored to the floor by its four half-inch bolts). A velvet-lined, easily adaptable interior with four removable and adjustable shelves allows storage of a variety of valuables. This is a solid, efficient, and effective safe for just about anyone, and it includes a fire liner rated at 30 minutes fire protection, too.


2-1/2" (6.4 cm) thick solid steel-plate door
Six motorized active round locking bolts 3/4" (19 mm) thick in a three-way locking configuration
Velvet lined interior
Four adjustable and removable shelves
Electronic keypad for easy programming
Entry code of 1 to 8 digits
Bright LCD display (backlit)
Concealed hinges for added security and aesthetic appearance
Four pre-drilled anchor holes 1/2" (13 mm) in diameter (anchoring hardware included)
External power override
Mechanical key override
Battery operated - requires two internal 9V batteries (which are included)
30 minutes fire protection (fire liner)


Exterior: 22-3/4" wide x 47-1/2" tall x 20-1/4" deep
Interior: 21" wide x 46" tall x 15" deep
Door Clearance: 16-1/2" wide x 41-3/4" tall
Door Thickness: 3" thick door made from 3/8" solid steel plate

Weight: 345 lbs. (759.0 kg)

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