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FDM-3214 Dual Compartment Depository Safe (mid-level Drop Door)

FDM-3214 Dual Compartment Depository Safe (mid-level Drop Door)

Catalog Number: MP182
An alternative to the FDD-3214, this FDM-3214 (the 'M' stands for 'middle') is a dual compartment depository safe with the drop door in the middle of the safe, rather than on top. The bottom compartment accepts deposits through the drop door, while the top compartment holds coins, cash, or valuables for withdrawal. The FDM-3214 offers an excellent option for any business or organization that needs to hold a collection of deposited cash, checks, and valuables while also securing operating cash (such as hotels, bars, restaurants, gas stations, and convenience stores).


DigiPaz electronic lock offers convenient and fast operation as well as easy programming
Wrong-try penalty lockout mode prevents manipulation of the lock
DigiPaz operates on two internal 9-volt batteries (included) with external battery override connector
Laser cut 1/2 inch steel plate door
Spring loaded re-locker
Chrome plated heavy-duty steel locking bolts
Anti-drill lock plate
Door equipped with a chrome plated handle and vault type hinges and an internal dead-bar to prevent door removal when safe is locked
Saw-tooth "anti-fish" baffle door
Pre-drilled anchor holes and anchoring hardware are provided for anchoring the safe into the floor


Exterior: 14" wide x 32" tall x 14" deep
(35.6 cm wide x 81.3 cm tall x 35.6 cm deep)

Interior top compartment: 13-7/8" wide x 7" tall x 11" deep
(35.2 cm wide x 17.8 cm tall x 27.9 cm deep)

Interior bottom compartment: 13-7/8" wide x 13" tall x 11" deep
(35.2 cm wide x 33.0 cm tall x 27.9 cm deep)

Door Clearance (each compartment): 10-1/8" wide x 9-1/4" tall
(25.7 cm wide x 22.9 cm tall)

Drop-Drop Opening: 10-5/8" wide x 4" tall
(27.0 cm wide x 10.2 cm tall)

Door Thickness (each compartment): 2-1/2" (6.4 cm) thick door made from 1/2" (12.8 mm) solid steel plate

140 lbs. (308 kg)

Shipping estimates available upon request.

Please call to confirm orders of more than five of these safes at one time.
Price:  $2055.88